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Violent Love:The Hidan/Temari MEP

Hey guys, around December last year I started to ask AMVers to particpate in the Hidan/Temari Multi-Editor Project and now the finished result is finally up :D

Twelve extremely talented people contributed to these 9 minutes of HidaTema goodness ^__^

New AMV: Prelude

As always let me know what you think guys :)

Hey guys, here's my latest AMV offering, hope you all like ^___^

Some fic for you

This one was written for the lovely Mausmouse from Deviant Art. At most, it'll probably be three chapters in total.


Title: A Remedy for Lassitude
Rating: T
Genre: General/Friendship
Setting: AU real world
Characters: Temari, Hidan
Summary: Ennui is an unavoidable feature in a summer spent taking care of a rehabilitating brother. Never did it occur to Temari to think that finding a pen pal in an eccentric soldier on the other side of the world might help cure it. AU.

Only eighteen and already world-weary.

Fic rec

Anyone who likes this pairing would be insane not to read the following fic:

Card Tricks in the Dark by bergundy

Rating: T
Genre: Romance/General
Summary: Short, random drabbles on Temari and Hidan.

Why I'm reccing it: It's fabulously written. The grammar is impeccable, the style engaging, and the characterization marvelous. This fic should definitely have more than 5 reviews, so seriously, show the author some love and leave her a review when you read. :)


Wow, I finally posted something. Cute ficcie is that-a-way: Jashinism for Children


Hidan Temari Fiction

Hi, I'm new. Recently I was stalking around fanfiction because I have no life and I came across this:


I liked it so I thought I’d share it with ya’ll. Since I like this writer I’m going to see if I can request a few stories from her.


Wish me luck!

Slideshow: What have you done?

Hey guys, I've made a new slideshow for our favourite dysfunctional pair ^__^ Please watch and let me know what you think :)

Selfish - Fic Request

TITLE: Selfish
AUTHOR: Murasaki Kaida
RATING: M (safety rating because of Hidan's dirty mouth)
GENRE: Drama, Rom, AU
SPOILERS: Shippuuden
SUMMARY: Temari knows she might well be selfish where Hidan's concerned.
MISC: Written for 

rellielake with the prompt of Hidan being Temari's religious teacher/teaching assistant. I changed this story a few times because I was never happy with it. I took a big risk here by trying to explore their relationship on a deeper, more subtle level when this is the first HidaTema I've written. I hope it isn't an epic fail. I've taken a whole new slant on Jashinism here to fit the AU world. Beta'd by lilmisfits8811

Due to posts not wanting to work for me here, please follow the cut for the story ^_^